Our Success Stories

How quality happens

What does it mean when we talk about quality? Just ask our customers. Here are some in-depth profiles of recent Cal Coast Telecom projects that demonstrate our approach, our skills, and our abilities.

Oracle Solution Center

        When Oracle decided to move its customer facing data center and associated labs from Menlo Park to Santa Clara, they came to Cal Coast Telecom to address the structured cabling needs. We got involved at an early stage and played a significant role in the final design of the facility. 
      Today’s high-density servers and network equipment generate a lot of heat, sometimes up to 20KW per network enclosure. Keeping these systems cool is important, as high temperatures reduce their performance, reliability and endurance. Normally, such labs and data centers have been built on a raised floor to allow cold air to be blown under the floor to reach the equipment that needs to be cooled. Many feel that there are too many space demands for cooling, cabling and electrical systems to be met only by the area above the enclosures. 
      At the Solution Center site, Oracle decided against the option of installing a raised floor. We needed to be creative. Working with Oracle employees, structural engineers and general, electrical and HVAC contractors, Cal Coast Telecom helped develop a workable solution.                               The scope of this project encompassed two entire buildings on the Santa Clara Campus, including a 198 cabinet data center.                              All told, Cal Coast Telecom installed: 

   • 184,000 feet of Fiber Optic Cable 
   • 28,625 strands of Fiber Optic Glass (2,343,000 feet) 
   • 57,250 LC connectors 
   • 1,137,000 feet of 10 Gig Copper Cable 
   • 26,520 10 Gig Copper Ports

Service Work

     When someone calls Cal Coast Telecom for even the smallest job - whether it’s running a data cable to a cube or cross connecting some phone lines - they are not ignored or given an excuse. They are assigned a highly-experienced Cal Coast Telecom service technician and receive a quality installation and a thorough follow up of every project. 
        Cal Coast Telecom maintains a complete service department with technicians ready to be scheduled with one day's notice (within 4 hours in emergency situations) for any of the following projects: 

   • Moves, adds, and changes (MAC) 
   • Retail location support (point of sale devices [POS], shopper track, general networking) 
   • Circuit extension (phone lines, data circuits) 
   • Phone switch support Basic network support 
   • Riser management



        Cal Coast Telecom had the opportunity to perform two simultaneous projects for Dropbox: a state of the art data center and a showcase headquarters office overlooking AT&T park.                  The high density equipment used by Dropbox in the data center resulted in extremely heavy cabinets. To secure the cabinets against a seismic event, Cal Coast Telecom had a support structure designed for under the raised floor that would support the weight of the cabinets.The completed underfloor support structure included cabinet anchoring hardpoints that were nearly flush with the top of the raised floor. Dropbox can now roll in cabinets as needed and anchor them directly to the hardpoints on the surface of the raised floor. Dropbox’s new main office is a stunning piece of architecture. Soaring open ceilings combined with dark woods and copper accents and a vista of the San Francisco Bay and AT&T park make it a desirable place to work. As part of the design team, Cal Coast Telecom helped integrate the cable pathways to provide an open ceiling architecture that was both attractive and functional.

El Camino Hospital New Main Hospital

        After the Northridge earthquake, California passed new stringent seismic requirements for hospitals and allowed a number of years for hospitals to meet the new code. For many hospitals, it made more sense to build a new hospital than to retrofit the existing one. 
        El Camino Hospital in Mt. View decided to build a new hospital. Cal Coast Telecom was retained directly by the hospital to do the complete structured cabling of a 5-story, 3-wing new hospital building under OSHPD rules. The complete hospital required over 11,000 copper ports coming from 28 OSHPD Zone 4 compliant IDF rooms. Cal Coast Telecom also built out a new 10-cabinet MPOE, and landed over 2,300 strands of fiber and 1,000 pairs of copper from the MPOE to the IDFs. 
       In addition, Cal Coast provided specialized shielded, coax and fiber optic cabling for hospital specific systems by Phillips and other specialty vendors. Finally, Cal Coast installed a complete TV-over-CAT5e distribution system and installed TVs throughout the hospital.

San Jose Unified School District Technology Upgrade

        When San Jose Unified School District needed to expand and upgrade 43 schools over the course of one summer, they came to Cal Coast Telecom. The scope of the project included installing new access points, new station cabling, cleaning up and repairing existing cabling of inferior quality, installing new IDF cabinets to house existing cabling and switches, and cabling up new portables. It was not the scope that was impressive, however, it was the scale. 
        The scale was 43 schools, including 60 new IDFs, starting in the late spring and running through the summer without interfering with classes, summer school or community events. Cal Coast Telecom ran four simultaneous crews working days and nights in order to finish before school started in the fall.

AV Case Study-Lucille Packard Children's Hospital

        When Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital (LPCH) decided to consolidate their administrative offices and training centers into two buildings in Menlo Park, they chose Cal Coast Telecom for their audio-visual needs. The project consisted of 14 conference rooms of various sizes, 3 classrooms, 3 divisible classrooms and an operating room simulation lab. 
       The conference rooms and classrooms included wall displays, table inputs, audio systems, control systems and teleconferencing capabilities of varying degrees. The divisible classrooms each consisted of two independent classrooms separated by a telescoping partition. The divisible classrooms could be controlled independently or jointly depending on the position of the partition. 
       The crown jewel, however, was the simulation lab, a mock operating room with multiple HD cameras and audio and video capture equipment that would record the mock operation and allow it to be simultaneously viewed by students in the adjoining classroom. Cal Coast Telecom designers and technicians worked with Apple and Broadcast engineers to design, integrate and install the entire system.


Quality Retail Service

Cal Coast Telecom serves as the local representative for Comm-Works, Speed Wire, ComNet and other companies specializing in managing communications for dispersed companies. Walk into any mall in the Bay Area and Cal Coast Telecom has probably serviced over half the stores, including:

The Gap, American Eagle Outfitter, Forever 21, Cinnabon, and others. When See's Candies needs their stores upgraded they call Cal Coast Telecom directly.

Quality Riser Service 

Cal Coast Telecom is the local representative of Summit Riser Systems, the riser management company that manages building risers (the communications cables used in common by all the tenants) for Equity Office Properties, Carr America, RREEF and other major property management companies. Walk into a multi-tenant building in the South Bay, and there is a good chance that Cal Coast Telecom maintains the riser and extends all the communications circuits (phone lines, T-1s, DS-3s etc.) in that building.

Quality Governmental Service

Cal Coast Telecom technicians also serve as the local representatives for companies such as Concert Technologies and Dimension Data that handle communications for government agencies and facilities like the Social Security Administration or The Department of Homeland Security.