Quality starts with great people that love what they do.

Today Cal Coast Telecom has over 60 employees who call themselves family. Each employee is responsible for the quality that Cal Coast delivers. Our family of employees cares about meeting your needs with the highest level of service. We are an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) signatory contractor, and our technicians enjoy full IBEW Sound & Communications pay and benefits.

Meet your Cal Coast team. Quality people wired for success.

hoto Credit: Peter Hellberg

Rick Radonich, RCDD, Business Manager

        Rick is one of the first people you’re likely to meet at Cal Coast Telecom. As a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), Rick is able to help you design a complete structured cabling system for almost any type of project including voice, data, or video.
        Friendly, sincere, and highly professional, Rick is all about quality. As he puts it: “I don’t believe in cutting corners. If you pay attention to the details, the results will always be more cost effective. For us, it’s a matter of credibility. Our customers depend on us to deliver a quality result.” 
        Rick also ensures that Cal Coast Telecom is up-to-date on the newest products and vendors. Since arriving at Cal Coast Telecom, Rick has designed voice and data communications networks, including FICON, ESCON, and gigabit Ethernet networks, and CATV head-end and distribution systems.
        With his background in electrical engineering, (not to mention his years on a Navy nuclear submarine), Rick has a thorough understanding of the electrical engineering industry, specs, and requirements, including the issues surrounding electro-magnetic interference and security. His work on submarines provided him with a breadth of experience with cabling, plant monitoring and control equipment, electrical power generation, preventive and corrective maintenance, and working in small spaces. 

In addition to his RCDD certification, Rick holds a BS in Control Systems Engineering.

hoto Credit: Mitya Ku

David San Miguel, Operations Manager

       David is equally dedicated to quality—in terms of response, results, and the people he hires. He works in close partnership with Rick. 
       David has the experience to know what it takes to carry out the largest, most complex installations, having begun his career in the cabling business in 1992. David also knows that it takes to motivate technicians to maintain a strict adherence to his quality standards. 
       As Operations Manager, David is responsible for day-to-day operations, supervising projects, quality control, value engineering, safety meetings, and scheduling. 
       David’s 23 years of experience includes projects ranging from cabling computer labs up to 250,000 sq. ft. with channel cables, ESCON fiber optic, and power whips, building out telecommunications rooms, managing one of the first Category 6 data center cabling projects, and one of the first 50-micron fiber installations. 

His BICSI certifications include: 

  • Telecommunications Project Management

  • Telecommunications Distribution Systems Design

  • Telecommunications RFP/Bid Estimation

  • Grounding and Protection Fundamentals for Telecommunications Systems

David's experience in the Marine Corps helped him attain the belief that there is no job he can't do.